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1. About Me :
      I was born and bought up in Palani, Dindugal District, Tamil Nadu. I did my under graduation and post graduation degrees (in Physics) also in Palani only. I also have a PGDITM from REC, Trichy. I worked as a Higher-Secondary School Teacher and then later as a Lecturer in a College. I have also completed my M.Phil after my marriage. After Marriage, I have lived in different cities in India and also in Singapore. 

2. About My Blog:
      I have always been interested in Cooking. My Husband suggested me to start a Food Blog to keep me engaged. I started blogging in a simple way from July 2010. But the response from the fellow bloggers inspired me to put lot of effort into my blog. But I had to take a two year break due to becoming a mother. Now, I am back in action and have become more active than ever.

     The Theme of my blog is Re-imagining Traditional Tamil Food in today's world. I also venture into North Indian and Western Food recipes occasionally. My original inspiration and source for the recipes are my mother and grandmother who are excellent cooks.

      I am always on the lookout for interesting recipes from TV, Newspaper and other food blogs. When a Recipe interests me, I try it myself and if it really worked for me, I post the recipe in my blog so that others also can try. 

     When I posted Kolam designs, it was unique idea at that time and there was a very good interest from the audience. So I occasionally post my Kolam designs as well.

3. Why Kurinjikathambam?
     I wanted to give tamil title to suit my blog theme. I selected "Kurinji" because it is a Rare flower associated with Tamilnadu, and is abundant in Kodaikanal which is near Palani, my native place. I added "Kathambam" to means assorted or mixture - of Tamil, Indian and Western foods, kolams, painting, crafts and all my interests.

4. Food Photography
     During the First Phase of my blog, I had used only a Point-n-Shoot camera. I was inspired by my fellow bloggers to learn Food Photography with DSLR cameras. I am now learning to shoot with a DSLR camera and other Photography related techniques. 

5. What Next?
     My Food Blog has kindled a new interest in me - to start a unique food joint / restaurant sometime in future. It will have a unique collection of modern - traditional Tamil / Indian recipes. I am looking forward to that future eagerly.

6. For Communication
     For ads and any other direct communication, please mail to

kurinjikathambam(at)gmail(dot)com .


Anonymous said...

Looking forward for your food joint to have healthy and traditional recipes... All the best akka!

viswa said...

Very Interesting article for readers,thanks for sharing us...

Anonymous said...

Your blog recipes are definitely like Kurunji Flower :)
When time permits do drop a visit at www.kitchenkathukutty.wordpress.com

Kurinji said...

@thanks Anonymous, viswa and kitchenkathykutty...

Mrs Annam said...

For searching millet recipes, i saw ur blog. very interesting. i also have a food blog. whenever u free u can visit my blog.

Ghar ka khana said...

I absolutely agree with your idea of sharing old traditional recipies,my ainm to start food blogging was the same,to popularize traditional bengali food,that are slowly getting lost over the years

Fermie Praisid said...

You have a lot of healthy recipes. I am interested in baking and it is hard to find healthy baking recipes. Your blog has plenty of them. Thanks for sharing such good recipes.

Sundari Giri said...

Hi, you have nice blog with good collection of recipes.

Kurinji said...

thanks @Fermie praisid, @sundari giri

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