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Anonymous said...

hi, corn isn't a millet. its a entirely different grain.

I just read this comment on someone's blog. Can you please write a comment on it and where to get the unpolished ones or
how to process it at home ourselves so the nutrients are in tact unlike machine processed ones and how it was eaten unpolished traditionally?

"In super markets you will get the branded/ certified millet products. Most of the companies sell only the polished millets as it looks white just like rice varieties. Eating polished millets does not provide any nutritional benefits. It is just like eating the polished rice.

My request to all the readers is to search for the organic shops in your localities where you can get the unpolished millets without impurities."

Kurinji said...

Hi Anonymous,
I accept that the corn is not a millet. I thought it is related.

I don't know how to unpolish by ourselves.

Unknown said...


Kurinji said...

@Pawan Kumar : will post soon

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