June 12, 2015

How to clean Grapes

     Chemicals and pesticides are being used by formers for all fruits and vegetables. We intake them unknowingly even while eating fruits like grapes. My friend Manju brought to my notice the importance of cleaning grapes properly before using to avoid cold.

½ kg
1 tbsp
½ tesp
As required
1.  Remove the grapes from the stem and put them in a wide bowl.
2. Add water and wash the grapes. Then drain the water completely.
3. Add water till the grapes immersed in it and then add salt. Shake it gently and keep it aside for 5 mins. After 5 mins, drain the water completely.
4. Again add water till the grapes immersed in the water and then add turmeric. Shake it gently and keep it aside for 5 more mins. After 5 mins, drain the water completely.

5. Again rinse the grapes with pure water and drain it and then use.

June 11, 2015

Baby Medicinal Hair Oil (for cold)

     Today, we have been accustomed to use allopathic chemical medicines for simple ailments. But there is a growing awareness to avoid them as much as possible. 
     Baby medicinal hair oil is a very good remedy for headaches and cold, especially for babies (adults also).
     In my personal experience, this has been very effective and I highly recommend to everyone to try and benefit.

Coconut Oil
200 ml
Betel Leaves / Vettrilai
Indian Borange / Karpooravalli
Solanum Trilobatum / Thoothuvalai
Sweet Basil
Holi Basil

1. Wash all the leaves and dry them using a clean cloth.
2. Heat the oil in a vessel, then add all the leaves and mix them well with ladle.
3. Now a sizzle sound starts from the oil because of the water content in the leaves.
4. Heat the oil till the sizzle sound sets off.
5.  Allow it to cool down and strain the oil using the steel filter. Then store it in a air tight container.
       Medicinal baby hair oil is ready to use.

June 9, 2015

Rose Sweet Lassi | Lassi Recipes

     Hyderabad Heritage Rose lassi is one of my Hubby’s favorite drinks. I tried to prepare it at home itself. We used to make this very frequently while we were in Hyderabad. I am  sharing this simple but excellent staple drink recipe.

1 cup
¼ cup
3 tbsp
Rose Syrup
2 tbsp
Ice Cubes
1. Mix all the ingredients together and blend it using the blender or mixie. Just pulse it till they mix thoroughly.
2. Don’t over beat the mixture, because it becomes curdle.
     Serve it chilled.
Adjust the sugar level according to your taste.
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