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May 9, 2018

Raw Mango Kuzhambu Recipe / Mangai Kuzhambu | Mango Recipes

This is a traditional village Mango Kuzhambu. This is in addition to my earlier Mango Kuzhambu recipe.This was suggested by my friend Ramya. The speciality of this recipe is that it resembles both vathal kuzhambu and puli kuzhambu.

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Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Kuzhambu
Preparation Time: 10 mins  | Cooking Time : 20 mins |  Serves: 5

Raw Mango (medium size)
½ Gooseberry size
½ cup
1- 1 ½ tsp
Turmeric Powder
½ tsp
Sambar Powder (Recipe HERE)
2 tbsp
½ tsp
Roasted Fenugreek Powder
1 tsp
Gooseberry size
To Temper:

1 tbsp
Mustard Seeds
½ tsp
Curry Leaves
1 spring
Chopped Onion
¼ cup
Chopped Garlic
2 tbsp
Tomato (optional)

Preparation Procedure:
1. Remove the skin of the big onion and chop them into small pieces.
2. Remove the skin of the garlic pods and chop them into small pieces.
3. Remove the head and tail of the mango. Then remove the seed of the mango.
4. Cut them mango into 1 inch pieces with its skin.
5. Extract the coconut milk from the ½ of the coconut.
6. Soak the tamarind with ½ cup of water for 5 mins. Then extract the juice from it.
7. Dry roast 1 tsp of fenugreek / venthayam till nice aroma comes out from it. Then powder them using the dry mixie jar.

Cooking Procedure:
8. Heat the oil in a pan or clay pot, add mustard seeds and wait for popping.
9. Add onion (from 1) and sauté till they become translucent.
10. Add curry leaves and sauté for few seconds.
11. Add garlic (from 2) and sauté till the garlic pods become soft.
12. Add chopped tomatoes (if used) and sauté till they become mushy.
13. Add turmeric powder and sauté for few seconds.
14. Add mango pieces (from 4) and fry for few seconds.
15. Add tamarind juice (from 6), sambar powder and little bit water. Cook till the mangoes become mushy.
16. Add coconut milk (from 5), salt, asafoetida, jaggery and fenugreek powder (from 7). Mix them well and cook for 3 mins. Adjust the water level according to the kuzhambu consistency.
    Yummy and mouthwatering mango kuzhambu is ready to serve. Serve with hot rice and curd rice.

1. Addition of tomato is optional.
2. Avoid tamarind juice, if mango is sour.
3. Adjust the sambar powder level according to your spice level.
4. Add red chilli powder and coriander powder instead of sambar powder.

May 1, 2018

Mango Kesari Recipe / Mango Sheera Recipe | Mango Recipes

In summer TV is full of cool drinks especially mango based.
I am encouraged by the success of mango pappu and have decided to try many mango recipes. In this line, Mango Kesari is a very good addition and its special flavor definitely adds to the kesari’s sweetness.

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Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Sweet
Preparation Time: 3 mins  | Cooking Time : 20 mins |  Serves: 2
Rava / Semolina / White Rava
¼ cup
¼ cup
Mango Pulp
¼ cup
1 tbsp
Cardamom Powder
¼ tsp
Cashew Nuts

1. Roast the rava with 1 tsp of ghee till the nice aroma come out. Keep it aside.
2. Grind the mango pulp with sugar into fine paste. Keep it aside.
3. Heat ¾ cup of water in a heavy bottom pan.
4. When the water starts boiling, keep the flame at simmer.
5. Add the roasted rava (from 1) little by little and mix them with ladle continuously.
6. Cook the rava till they become thick.
7. Add ground mango mixture (from 2) and cardamom powder; mix them quickly. The mixture becomes thin and lumps also occur. Don’t worry about the lumps. Stir the mixture continuously to avoid the lumps.
8. Meanwhile, heat the remaining ghee in a pan, fry the cashew nuts till the nuts become golden in color. Keep it aside.
9. The Kesari mixture (from 7) becomes thick and without lumps, add the fried cashews with ghee.
10. Cook till the mixture becomes thick and comes together.  Switch off the flame and serve it hot.
              Yummy and delicious Mango Kesari / Mango Sheera is ready to serve!

1. Adjust the sugar level according to your mango sweetness.

2. Use less fiber mangoes. I have used senthura mango pulp.
3. Add 2tbsp ghee instead of 1 tbsp.
4. Uase cardamom instead of cardamom powder. If you can use cardamom pods, grind the pods with mango and sugar mixture.

April 29, 2018

Pesarattu Recipe / Green Gram Dosai Recipe

I was very surprised that we in Tamilnadu are not preparing dosa based on green gram, while it is a very popular recipe in Andhra. Everyone in my family loved it and this is definitely going to be a regular in my kitchen henceforth. Moreover this is a very apt dish for summer as it helps to beat the heat.
In Telugu Peasr means green gram and rattu means dsoai. So that green gram dosai is called pesarattu in Telugu.

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Recipe Cuisine : South Indian / Andhra | Recipe Category: Breakfast |  Yields: 8-10 nos.
Preparation Time: 3 mins  | Soaking Time: 4 hrs| Cooking Time : 15 mins
Green Gram / Paasi Paryaru
1 cup (240 ml)
Raw Rice / Pacharisi
¼ cup
Green Chilli
1 inch
Curry Leaves
2 springs
Coriander Leaves
1 handful
Cumin Seeds
1 tsp
½ cup
1 tsp or required
Oil (for make dosai)
As required

1. Wash green gram and raw rice together for 2 times.
2. Soak them with enough water for 4 hours or more.
3. Grind the soaked dal and rice mixture with green chillies, ginger, curry leaves and coriander leaves using mixie or grinder.
4. Grind them into a little coarse paste with little water.
5. Finally add cumin seeds, roughly chopped onion and salt. Grind them for just few seconds only. (don’t grind the onion into fine paste)
6. Remove the batter and mix with enough water to make dosa batter consistency. Keep it aside for minimum 2 hours or overnight in refrigerator.
7. Heat the dosa tawa, pour ladle full of batter and spread them into a thin circles.
8. Pour oil around the dosai and cook till the both sides become golden in color and crisp.
      Healthy and tasty Green Gram Dosai / Pesarattu is ready to serve. Serve with Coconut Chutney or any Kara Chutney.

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1. Add red chilli instead of green chilli.
2. Add parboiled rice instead of raw rice.
3. Addition of onion is optional.

April 27, 2018

Mango Dal Recipe / Mango Paruppu/ Mamidikaya Pappu

In Tamilnadu Thur Dal is used as Uppu Paruppu without any addition. It is a regular and must have for all festivals. However in Andhra, they add mango or tomato with the dal for flavor. Since it is mango season I tried the Andhra Mango Pappu. It was liked very much by my family.

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Recipe Cuisine : South Indian / Andhra | Recipe Category: Side Dish for Rice
Preparation Time: 7 mins  | Cooking Time : 20 mins |  Serves: 6
Thur Dal / Thuvaram Paruppu
½ cup
Chopped Mango
½ cup
Turmeric Powder
½ tsp
Green Chillies
½ tsp
Chopped Onion
3 tbsp
To Temper:

2 tsp
Mustard Seeds
½ tsp
Cumin Seeds
1 tsp
Red Chilli
Curry Leaves
1 spring
Finely Chopped Garlic
2 tsp
To Garnish:

Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves
2 tbsp

1 Remove the skin and seeds of the mango and chop them into small pieces.
2. Wash the thur dal twice.
3. Pressure cook the dal with chopped mango, turmeric powder, chopped green chillies, chopped onion, 1 cup water and ¼ tsp of salt for 4 whistles in medium flame.
4. After pressure has gone, remove the lid of the cooker and mash the dal mixture with hand blender.
5. Heat the oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and wait for popping.
6. Add cumin seeds and wait for splutter.
7. Add broken red chillies and sauté for few seconds.
8. Add curry leaves and sauté them till the curry leaves become crisp.
9. Add chopped garlic and sauté till the garlic become translucent.
10. Pout this mixture into dal mixture (from 4) and remaining salt. Mix them well. Add water if required.
11. Cook the mango pappu for 2-3 mins. Then add chopped coriander leaves and switch off the flame. Mix them well.
            Tangy and yummy Mango Dal is ready to serve with Hot Rice or Roti.

1. Adjust the chilli level according to your spice level.
2. Adjust the mango level according to your mango taste.


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