June 20, 2017

Egg Appam / Muttai Aappam | Appam Recipes

I have already posted many varieties of Appam like Palak Appam,Beetroot Appam, Mudakkaththan Appam, etc. Egg Appam is one more variety but is a good one to have when you want to serve an assorted varieties of Appam.

Ciclk HERE to Appam Varieties.

Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast
Preparation Time: 5 mins  | Cooking Time: 5 mins | Yields: 2-3 Aappam

Appam Batter 
(click HERE for Appam batter recipe)
¼ cup
Pepper Powder
½ tsp
¼ tsp
2 tsp

1.  In a bowl add 2 tsps of water, pepper powder and salt. Mix them well.
2. Then break the egg and pour it into the above mixture. Mix them well.
3. Now add the appam batter and mix well with wire whisk without lumps. Egg Aappam / Muttai Appam batter is ready.
4.  Heat the appam pan and pour few drops of oil. Then pour ladle full of batter into the pan. Now rotate the pan in a circular motion, so that the batter spreads all over the pan. See this video for how to make aappam.

5. Now pour few drops of oil and close the lid of the pan. Cook for 2-3 mins or till the appam is cooked well.
6. Then take it out from the pan and serve with spicy chutney.

    Tasty and mouthwatering appam is ready!


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