November 14, 2014

How to Clean and Cut Snake Gourd (Pudalankai) | Vegetable Cutting Series

Most people cut the vegetables haphazardly. But a experienced cook should cut them stylishly for better presentation. I am starting the cutting procedure series for different vegetables. I am starting with snake gourd.

Snake gourd

1.  Wash the snake gourd, and then trim the edges of the snake gourd as shown in fig1.
2. Peel the skin of the veggie using the peeler or sharp knife.
3. Cut it into two equal halves at its middle as shown in fig4 (like cylinder shape). If the snake gourd is too lengthy cut it into 4 cylindrical pieces.
4. Now make each of the snake gourd pieces stand straight and slit them vertically into two halves in the middle as shown in fig5.
5. Then scoop out the seeds and white portion from them using the spoon as in fig 6 and fig 7.
6. Then cut each piece into 3 to 4 pieces vertically or your wish as shown in fig8.
7. Then chop the pieces into small pieces as in fig.9 for poriyal, kootu etc.,


Mahi said...

Nice post kurinji! Waiting to c the next veggie! :)

Catherine said...

Thank you for this lessen. It really was helpful. Catherine

Anonymous said...

very informative post dear

Julie said...

useful post!

Sooriya said...

Useful post for beginners...

Usha said...

I cannot cut vegetwbles into an even size pieces. Not just brginners, even expericenced cooks can use this tutorial. Nice post.

Vysyas recipes said...

useful post kurinji

Vysyas recipes said...

useful post kurinji

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