February 13, 2015

Banana French Toast

    People get fed up with bread toast after eating just one or two. The challenge is how to make them eat more. The best way is give a pleasant surprise taste in the ingredients. Banana French toast is one such a idea for surprise taste.

Bread Slices
Mixed fruit jam
2 tesp
Luke warm Milk
3 tbsp
1 tsbp
Oil or butter
1 tesp
Powdered Sugar
1 tesp
1. Take the milk in a wide bowl. Add sugar and mix them well till sugar dissolves completely.
2. Break the egg and pour it into the milk mixture. Mix them gently till egg dissolves. Keep it aside
3. Cut the banana into thin round pieces.
4. Take the bread slices and spread jam on one side of the slice.
5. Arrange banana as per your wish on another bread slice.
6. Keep the jam spread side of the bread slice on the banana bread slice. Press them well with your palm.
7. Now take them carefully and dip both sides of the sandwich in the egg mixture.
8. Heat the tawa and pour oil on the tawa, place the sandwich on the tawa and toast the sandwich on both sides.
9. Transfer into the plate and sprinkle powdered sugar on the top of the sandwich and serve.


Sooriya said...

Filling healthy toast...love the combo

Gloria Fernandes said...

loved the combo too..perfect for breakfast

Unknown said...

French toast looks so good.

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