December 15, 2017

Indira Agrotech - A Farm Visit

Indira Farms - An easy way to become an "activist" in the Organic Farming Trends

Organic Farming is not just a trend or fad which is to be just followed on the facebook and other socialmedia apps and forgotten. Most agree that Organic Farming should become even stronger and become an bigger Movement like Green Revolution 2.0.  The difference between a trend and movement is that more middle-class citizens become actively engaged by contributing either money or effort to the movement. The Previous Green Revolution was entirely government driven when the average Indian people was very not much knowledgeable in technology and environment. The Previous Green Revolution has been mixed because even though it helped India achieve self-sufficiency in food production, it was the start of adoption of chemical fertilizers. 

Tamilnadu is at the fore-front of this new green revolution with exceptional leaders like Nammalvar taking the lead. His followers have already taken the message and movement to wider urban population. Even other states like Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are appreciative of Tamil Nadu's leadership role in the green revolution 2.0. However, Green Revolution 2.0 is not yet achieved its full impact yet because the opportunities for the average green conscious citizen to make an effective contribution is still limited to just buying a few organic stuff now and then.

Indira Agrotech have come up with a new cooperative farming initiative which provides the right opportunity for green conscious people to make their contribution to the movement. Indira Agro Products have started an Initiative where about 65 acres of farm land at Tindivanam, just about 100 kilometers from Chennai GST. This Farm Land is located at along a road that branches off GST at Sarasvati Engineering College on the GST. Indira Agrotech offers about 1/4 acre for Rs. 5 Laks in the collective farm. If you buy the 1/4 acre plot and sign a farming contract with them, Indira Agrotech gives you 150Kg Organically grown rice for every 6 months. You can consider this as an yearly interest for your investment while the land value keeps appreciating. India Agrotech itself will sell you the plot when the price has appreciate considerable at a market-determined price.  This project is a great contribution towards green movement because if such ideas gain market adoption, corporate farming can take off a big way in Tamil nadu and India as well. As the cooperative farming idea catches up, the investors can also profit considerably from the land appreciation. More over, Indira Agrotech will create visiting facilities in their farmland so that people can come and stay on weekends in their farm and enjoy a great village getaway. Such farm and village getaways which are easily reachable by car from Chennai city would form a great educational experience and play activity for kids. 

Indira Agrotech is a win-win innovative real-estate scheme and people should consider taking a site-vist to understand more in person about this investment-cum-green-activism opportunity.


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