January 20, 2015

Bread Halwa | Halwa Recipes | Bread Recipes

     Need a sweet to be prepared within 15 minutes – really fast and quick? But yet want to create a special feel as well? Bread Halwa is a good recipe that fits this well.  The recipe requires only standard ingredients readily available in kitchen at all times.
     Before going into the procedure, I want to thank my sister for giving this recipe idea.

Bread Slices
1 ¼ cup
1 ½  cup
Cardamom Seeds
Vanilla Essence
1 tesp
1 tbsp
For Frying
Cashew nuts

1. Remove the crust of the bread slices and cut them into two halves or small pieces.
2. Heat the oil in a pan and deep fry the bread slices until they turns into golden brown. Keep it aside.
3. Heat the ghee in a small pan and fry the nuts till golden brown, Keep it aside.
4. Mix the sugar and water. Heat the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely.
5. Now add the fried bread slices one by one and press them well with ladle. Keep the flame at simmer.
6. Mash the mixture well with hand blender or ladle.
7. Then add the ghee and nuts mixture, essence and powdered cardamom into the halwa.
8. Stir well till the water absorbs completely and the mixture comes to halwa consistency.
Easy and yummy bread halwa is ready to eat. Serve it hot. Use this for 3-4 days without having to store in the fridge.
1. Adjust the sugar level according to your requirement.
2. you can add  any other dry nuts also if you wish.
     3. you can use rose essence instead of vanilla essence.


Beena said...

Love it . Looks delicious

Gloria Fernandes said...

Love this halwa.. Quick and easy..

Beena said...

Love it . Delicious sweet

Selvarani Ganesan said...

Easy & Tasty Halwa....

Priya Anandakumar said...

Delicious and lovely halwa...

nandoos kitchen said...

yummilicious halwa..

Shreya at Jumbodium said...

Delicious halwa. I have never heard about a bread halwa. I will surely prepare. Your blogs are full of exciting food items to know about. Thank u for the recipe. Super simple one.

Sushma Mallya said...

Looks Mouthwatering !

Babitha said...

yummy halwa

Priya Satheesh said...

wow...this is really tempting ! yum yum..

Priya said...

must be so rich ..Yummy,delicious halwa.

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