November 4, 2015

Sweet Urad Dal Vadai / Inippu Ulunthu Vadai

     Sweet Vadai is a really good twist on vadai; I first had sweet vadais in my sister’s in-law’s house. This is also too easy to prepare and I suggest this to beginners wanting to try their first diwali sweet.

Video for how to make vadai:

Recipe Cusine: South Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
Preparation Time: 2 ½  hrs | Cooking time: 20 mins | Yields : 12-15 vadai
For Vadai:

Whole White Urad Dal (mulu vellai ulunthu)
½ cup
Rice Flour
1 tbsp
¼ tsp
For Syrup:

½ cup
½ cup
Cardamom Powder
¼ tsp
To Deep Fry:

As required

Procedure for Vadai:
1. Wash and soak the urad dal for 2 hours. Then drain the water completely and grind it into a fine, thick, soft and smooth paste .with little water only.
2.  When the batter looks like  butter, then this is the right consistency. This will take 20-30 mins in a wet grinder. You can grind it with mixi also. But you can get only less quantity if using mixie.
3. Then take the batter out from the grinder and transfer it into a wide bowl. Now add 1 tbsp of rice flour and salt. Mix them well with your hands.
4. Take either banana leaf or thick plastic sheet, apply oil on it and keep it aside.
4. Heat the oil in a deep fry pan, wet the hand with water and make lemon size balls from the batter.
5.  Place the ball on the oil applied sheet and press it gently. Make a hole at its center.  Then turn over the ball on your fingers and put it in the hot oil carefully.
6. Cook till the vadai becomes golden color on both sides. Take it out from the oil and keep it aside.
Make vadai from whole batter like procedure from 4-6.

Sugar syrup procedure:
1. Mix water and sugar in a bowl. Bring it to boil till the sugar dissolves completely.
2. Then strain the syrup using metal strainer and then add cardamom powder. Mix well and again bring it boil till the sugar syrup becomes little bit thick. (pisupisupu patham ot like gulab jamun syrup consistency)
3. Sugar syrup is ready and keep it aside.

Sweet vadai making Procedure:
1. Put fried vadai one by one in the hot sugar syrup and press them gently with spoon.
2. Take out from the syrup after a minute and drain the syrup from the vadai.
    Yummy, tasty and easy sweet is ready.

1. Soak when both the vadai and the syrup are hot.
2. The sweet vadai can be kept for 2 days in room temperature; you can keep it for a week if you store it in fridge and re-heat using microwave or steamer.

Click here for ulunthu vadai (methu vadai).


Gauri said...

Nice, so this is like a sweeter version of medu vava :)

Sowmiasgalley said...

Sounds interesting... Surely will try it

kitchen queen said...

yummy vadais

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