December 5, 2014

Foxtail Millet / Thinai Appam -Thirukarthigai Deepam Recipe

Appam is usually made with rice but  Thinai is a special prasadam for lord muruga and is prepared as padayal for karthikai deepam. Thinai Appam is also healthy sweet which can be served as evening snack.

Raw Rice /Pacharisi
½ cup
Foxtail Millet / Thinai
½ cup
1 cup
Split gram / Kadalai Paruppu
1 tbsp
Spli green gram / Pasipparuppu
1 tbsp
Urad dal / Ulutham Paruppu
1 tbsp
¼ cup
Cooking Soda
¼ tesp
Oil or [Oil+Ghee]
As reuired

1. Soak the rice, foxtail millet, ural dal, split gram dal and split green gram together for minimum two hours.
2.  Heat the jaggery in a pan with ¼ cup of water.
3. When the jaggery dissolves completely, switch off the stove.
4. Filter the syrup with steel filter and keep it aside. [Avoid nylon filter]
5. Now grind the soaked mixture with coconut and cardamom. After half ground, add jaggery syrup and grind into a paste. [not fine paste]
6. If you need more water, then sprinkle some water and grind. Do not add more water ( I did not add water and got good results ). The sugar syrup is enough to grind the mixture. The batter consistency is idly batter consistency.
7. Now transfer the batter into the vessel. Add cooking soda and mix them well. Now the batter is ready to make appam.
8. Heat the kuzhi / kuli paniyaram pan, pour few drops of oil or (oil+Ghee) and pour this batter only upto 3/4 of the kuzhi [depression]. Cook it in medium flame.
9. After few mins, flip them to the other side and cook well until it becomes golden color on both sides.
 Healthy and yummy thinai sweet appam  is ready.


kitchen queen said...

delicious appams.

Sooriya said...

Love this...and made with millet makes it tasty and healthy

dokka srinivasu said...

Beautiful description about Appam. In Andhra also people prepared some similar type tamil dishes and recipes at the time of Pongal and other festive season. Your blog is very detailed narration about several Tamil dishes and recipes which are useful to many people. Thanks for sharing.

On recent sunday i am presented my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture to young children. In this seminar i am sharing my collections relating to Indian culture with young children and they clarified their doubts about Indian Heritage through my collections.

Please look into my Third Seminar on Indian Heritage and Culture posts and give your valuable and encouraging comment for the same.

Further did you have any Tamilandu and Tamil culture related paintings or any other material in extra collection is available with you for my collection purpose.

Anonymous said...

lovely recipe dear

Selvarani Ganesan said...

Lovely healthy Appam.....i dint used Thinai in my usual food as I always go with ragi and barley but sure I try this soon.

Lifewithspices said...

delicious appams nice pic

Unknown said...

Wow..crisp appaps. ..should have soft inside ss. .right😊

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