March 23, 2015

Finger Millet / Ragi Choco Chip Cookies | Millet Recipes

     I have been trying many Ragi based Recipes. Among these recipes, Ragi Chocolate Cookies is one of the big  hit recipe with my kid and relatives.

 Finger Millet Flour
1 cup –(minus)1 tbsp
Corn Flour
1 tbsp
Powdered Sugar
½ cup
½ cup
Coco Powder
1 tbsp
Choco Chips
1 tbsp
Vanilla Essence
1 tesp

1. Preheat the oven at 200o C for 10 mins.
2. Sieve the finger millet flour, corn flour and coco powder together. Keep it aside.
3. Cream the butter with your palm on a flat surface or plate.
4. Then add the powdered sugar and essence, mix them well.
5. Now add the sieved mixture and knead a soft dough.
6. Make the dough into small gooseberry size balls and press them between your palms.
7. Now place 2-3 choco chips one the pressed cookies.
8. Now arrange the balls on the baking tray. Bake them at 180oC for 12 mins.
9. Take it out from oven and allow it to cool down. Serve it with tea.

          This is yummy and healthy evening time snack.


Anonymous said...

How do I do this without oven?

Kurinji said...

@kitchenkathukutty: I will chk and tell...

Chaitra said...

Tried this today. But my cookies spread all out on the tray. Now I realized preheat at 200. I did at 180. Could that be a problem?

Kurinji said...

@Chaitra : preheat is not a problem. this problem cos of you add more butter.

Fermie Praisid said...

Is it melted butter or softened butter at room temperature?

Kurinji said...

@Fermie Praisid: butter at room temperature

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