November 9, 2016

Banana Dosai | Easy Dosai Recipes

Banana dosai makes banana slices very attractive to kids. Its also adds a sweetish flavor to the dosa. The ghee also creates a tempting aroma which makes the kids devour them. Same applies for adults also.

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Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast
Preparation Time: 1 mins  | Cooking Time: 2 mins | Yields: 1 dosai

Video for how to make banana dosai:

Idly / Dosa Batter
For one dosai
1 or required
1 tsp
Powdered Sugar (optional)
1 tbsp

1. Remove the skin of the banana and cut it into thin circles.
2. Heat the dosa tawa, pour ladle full of batter into a little bit thick circle.
3. Immediately place the banana circles over the dosai.
4. Then pour the ghee over the dosai. Turn over the dosai once it reaches golden color.
5. Then turn over the dosai and cook for 1 mins. Then remove from the tawa and keep it on the plate.
6. Now sprinkle the powdered sugar over the dosai using the tea filter. Serve it immediately.
    Wow yummy and aromatic dosai is ready!!!

1. I have used nendram banana. You can use any variety. But nendram banana gives very nice aroma and superb taste.
2. Use cooking oil instead of ghee.


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