November 14, 2016

Nutrichoice Essentials Diabetic Masterclass - Some takeaways

     We went to Nutrichoice Essentials Diabetics Master Class, which is part of a 3-week long Diabetics Food Trail event conducted by Semora Entertainment works
and sponsored by Britannia Nutrichoice, BioCon etc. at Hotel Park Hyatt, Chennai.

     The main aim of the Britannia Essentials Diabetics Master Class is to spread the following message:
“ For a person with diabetes, eating nutritious and well-balanced meals with a regular fitness routine is vital in managing diabetes. This applies to pre-diabetics and the health conscious too”.

     We attended talk sessions by Mrs. Seema Pinto, Co-Founder of Diabetics Food Trail and Director of Semora Entertainment works, 

Dr. Wasim (  ), Chef Teuku and Chef Vamsi of Hotel ParkHyatt, Chennai.

Here are some of the key takeaways from those talk sessions:

From Mrs. Seema Pinto:

1. Diabetics FoodTrail is mainly for making restaurants to add healthy food as part of their regular menu. Diabetics should also have to have food fun and enjoy eating outside.
2. Healthy Food should not cost more and should be equally tasty.
3. Do not skip breakfast. This is one habit which will lead to diabetics if not followed. Eat like King at Breakfast, like Queen at Lunch, and like Beggar at dinner.

4. All Foods with single word names are mostly healthy. Tomato is healthy; tomato sauce is not healthy; apple is healthy apple juice is not.
5. What you eat now, is what your kids will eat tomorrow.
6. Honey is the best alternative for sugar.
7. Diabetics patients can take one egg with yolk also daily for breakfast.

From Dr. Wasim:

1. Any Meal which has Fiber and Sugar in equal proportions is health. eg. Fruits are healthy, juices are unhealthy because it has only sugar and no fiber.
2. The Most famous food trend you will hear about very shortly is 5-times a day  meal (breakfast,brunch,lunch,snack,dinner).
3. B12 and Vitamin D is the most important nutrients which we should be having in adequate quantity.
4. What kills you is not what you eat outside, but what you eat inside.

From Chef Vamsi: 

1. Ghee in small portions added to food items makes food healthy and tasty
2. South Indian Thaali with small quantity of rice and large quantity of vegetables and side dish is the best balanced meal.
3. 4 times a week  of Millets is more than enough.
4. You should not be biased against north indian or south indian dals. For example, south indians do not use Rajma frequently etc.
5. Use Black Salt as much as possible

The Recipes showcased at the Britannia Diabetics Masterclass by Chef Teuku and Chef Vamsi include:

a. Asian Lettuce Cup

b. Tuna Salad Wraps

c. Baked Assorted Lentil Stew Casserole

d. Pan Seared Sea Bass

e. Red Banana and Britannia Nutrichoice Essentials Oats Biscuits Pudding

What I liked most from this recipe list is Diabetic Healthy Dessert Trail which used honey to create desserts which is forbidden food for diabetics patients.

I also received a recipe book from Mrs. Seema containing diabetic recipes. I will prepare some of those recipes and post them in my blog in coming days.


Remya said...

informative and good clicks too

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Awesome write-up cheers

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