August 27, 2018

Red Aval (poha) Laddu Recipe | Gokulashtami Recipes

The aval recipe is a mush have recipe for Gokulashtami. I have already posted white aval laddu recipe. But this recipe is a more healthier yet tasteful aval recipe. Why not try this for this Gokulashtami?

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Recipe Cuisine : India | Recipe Category: Sweets
Preparation Time: 5 mins  | Cooking Time: 5 mins | Yields: 8 Laddus
Thick Red Aval
½ cup (1 cup =  240 ml)
¼ cup
2 tbsp
Chopped Mixed Nuts
1 tbsp
Cardamom Pods

1. Dry rost the poha till nice aroma comes out from it or till the poha becomes crisp.
2. Allow it to cool down completely and grind them into a fine powder using the dry mixie jar. Keep it aside.
3. Powder the sugar and cardamom together into a fine powder using the same mixie jar.
4. Now mix the both the powders in a wide bowl using the spatula or wire whisk.
5. Heat the ghee in a pan, fry the nuts till they become golden color.
6. Now pour the hot ghee over the poha and sugar mixture (from 4).
7. Immediately mix them quickly with spatula. At one stage the mixture looks like a bread crumbs.
8. Immediately make gooseberry size balls from the mixture. You have to make the balls when the mixture is little bit hot, otherwise the balls will break down.
 Healthy and yummy red aval / Red Poha / Red Riceflakes Laddu is ready to serve.

1. Powder the aval first before powdering the sugar.
2. Do not pour more ghee than the ratio suggested. Otherwise the balls will not be dry and in perfect shape.
3. Nuts are optional or otherwise your choice.


Senthil said...

Recipe looks yummy. how to use jaggery or karupati to replace sugar? It cannot be powdered like sugar so not sure how to use them.

Kurinji said...

@Senthil grate the jaggery and use.

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