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April 2, 2015

Fruit Stick

    I came up with the idea fruit sticks to create a different type of fruit salad. Especially to impress kids. You can also use fruit sticks to decorate juices and other dishes.

Water Melon
As required
Green Grapes
2 per stick
Black Grapes
2 per stick
Mint leaves
As required
As required

1. Wash the grapes and mint leaves, keep it aside.
2. Cut the watermelon into ½ inch thickness slices.
3. Remove the seeds from the slices.
4. Cut the slices into shapes of your choice with cookie cutter.
5.  Now arrange the fruits and mint leaves as per your choice on the skewers.

     Beautiful fruit sticks are ready to serve.


Saimeenakshi Sankar said...

very creative and easy to make...impressive


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