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April 5, 2016

Egg Kothu Chappathi / Muttai Kothu Chappathi

     Egg kothu parota is a favorite dish of every one. Though it is very tasty to eat, it becomes heavy because of maida.  How about the same taste but without the side effects? That is egg kothu chapathi.


Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Breakfast
Preparation Time: 10 mins  | Cooking Time: 10 mins | Serves: 3

Left Over Chapathi
For Egg Mixture:

Pepper Powder
½ tsp
To taste
Dry Powders:

Red Chilli Powder
½ -1 tsp
Turmeric Powder
½ tsp
Garam Masala Powder
½ tsp
To Temper:

2 tbsp
Mustard Seeds
½ tsp
Green Chilli
Curry Leaves
1 spring
As required

Preparation Procedure:
1. Cut the chapathi into small squares.
2. Peel the skin of the onions and cut them into small pieces.
3. Wash and cut the tomato into small chunks.
4. Break the eggs and pour them into a bowl. Add pepper powder and salt. Mix them well with the wire whisk.
Cooking Procedure:
1. Heat the oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and wait for popping.
2. Then add the curry leaves and fry till they become crisp.
3. Now add the green chilli ( split it into two halves) and sauté for few seconds.
4. Add the onion (from 2) and sauté till the onion becomes translucent.
5. Then add tomato (from 3) and fry till they become mushy.
6. Now add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, garam masala powder and salt. Fry till the raw smell goes off.
7. Now make circular gap at the center of the pan.
8. Add the egg mixture (from 4) and cook for few seconds. Then mix them with the onion mixture.
9. After they are half cooked, add the chapathi pieces (from 1) and mix them gently and cook till the egg mixture becomes cooked well.
10. Garnish with coriander leaves and switch off the flame.

     Serve this yummy egg kothu chapathi with raitha.



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