February 4, 2016

Home Remedy for Cough and Cold

     Cough and cold is very common infection. Instead of taking allopathic chemical medicine you can take organic traditional remedy. I have personally use this and find this very effective.


Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Home Remedy
Preparation Time: 5 mins  | Making Time: 30 mins | Yields: 100 gm (approx.)

Dry Ginger / Sukku
25 gm
Tailed Peppers / Java Peppercorns / Vaal Milagu
25 gm
Long Pepper / Thippili
25 gm
Lesser Galangal / Kulanjan/ Chitharathai
25 gm

1. Keep all the ingredients under sunlight for 1 or two days to dry them completely. If you don’t have sunlight to dry, you can dry roast them separately until they become hot.
2. Use hammer or mortar and pestle (small stone grinder) to break the dry ginger and lesser galangal into small pieces.
3.  Then mix all the ingredients together and powder them using the dry mixie jar.
4. Then sieve them with fine siever and again grind the residues and again sieve. You can do this process till you can get very small residues.
5. Store it in an air tight container for later use and keep small quantity in a small jar for daily use. Use dry spoon only to take this powder.         
How to use this powder?
1. For kids above one year old age, take a pinch of the powder mix it with honey and lick it on their tongue daily before breakfast. This will improve the immunity of the child.
2. When the kid is having cough and cold, give this dosage both morning and night.
1. For adults having cough and cold,  increase the dosage to half table spoon and make them take both morning and evening.


Unknown said...

wow thats so wonderful.mom makes kashayam from this and give us during winter.we all had a teaspoon of sugar after that

Rachna's Kitchen said...

Wow dear how detailed post you have written . Really appreciate it. Happy blogging !!

Boni's Healthy Twists said...

Very useful recipe !!!

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