February 16, 2018

How to clean the ghee prepared pan without touching it?

Things Needed:
1. Cooking soda - 4 tsp
2. Water - Required
3. Liquid soap - 1 tbsp

1. Take water upto 3/4 of the vessel.
2. Bring it to boil.
3. When the water starts boiling, add cooking soda and liquid soap.
4. Leave it for 10-15 mins or till the color of the water change into brown in color.
5. Use the flat ladle, scrap the sediments attached with the pan. 
6. Now its very easy to remove the sediments.
7. Discard the water in the sink. Remove the sediments and put it in the dust bin. Be careful because the water in the boiling level.
8. Then wash the pan as usual and your pan is ready!

Watch this video for how to clean the ghee prepared vessel or pan without touching it.  Don't forget to subscribe for more tips.


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