March 2, 2018

How to clean Banana Flower / Vazhai Poo ?

This is a post for beginners who want to know about cleaning the banana flower.

Full Video for Banana Flower Cleaning:

Banana Flower
Coconut Oil
1 tsp
Curd / Buttermilk
2 tbsp

1. Apply oil on your hands to avoid getting sticky or black fingers after cleaning the flower.
2. Spread the paper and keep the banana flower on the paper to avoid stains on the floor.
3. Remove the pink part of the flower one by one.
4. Now you can see the banana flower florets below each of the pink cover.
5. Remove that florets (light yellow color florets) and keep it aside.
6. Now remove stamen (one stick with small ball on its top) and filament (small boat shape cover at its bottom) from each floret. Keep it aside.
7. After removing 7-8 of the pink part, now you can get white color florets instead of yellow color.
8. You can collect white florets too. Few of the white florets have stamen and filament. If the white floret have stamen and filament, remove them from it.
9. Some of white florets doesn’t have filament and stamen. You can use that directly.
         Banana Flower / Vaazhipoo is ready for cooking.
10. If you can use this cleaned florets for cooking, cut them into small pieces.
11. But immediately they turn into black in color.
12. So before going to cut the florets, take enough water and add curd or buttermilk. Mix them well.
13. Immediately add the chopped flower into the above buttermilk water to avoid   the color changing of the florets.

1. You can store the cleaned florets in the airtight container or zip lock cover for later use.
2. Add lemon juice or milk instead of curd/buttermilk.


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