August 21, 2015

Banana Splits with Chocolate Sauce

     Kids some time get bored of banana and refused to eat it. This recipe is a quick way to make the bananas into a tasty snack which no one can refuse.

Recipe Cuisine : Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
                          Preparation Time: 1 mins  | Cooking Time: 2 mins | Serves : 1
Banana (big)
2 tbsp
1 tesp
1 tesp

1. Remove the skin of the banana and cut its bottom and top. Then cut the banana into 1 ½ inch pieces diagonally.
2. Heat the pan, add butter then add the sugar when butter starts to melt. Stir them well till the sugar dissolves completely. Do not caramelize it.
3. Now add the banana pieces and mix them with sugar syrup. Rotate the banana pieces using the spoon so that all its sides are coated evenly.
4. Take out the sugar coated banana from the pan and allow it to cool down completely.
5. Now arrange the banana pieces on the plate and pour the chocolate sauce over the banana pieces. Now serve it with fork.
   Really yummy and tasty chocolate banana is ready.

  Click here for homemade chocolate sauce recipe.

I feel Nendran banana is best for this recipe.


Gauri said...

We normally make the fried banana in ghee and add jaggery and coconut to it... This one with chocolate sauce looks great too :)

Boni's Healthy Twists said...

Yummy and lovely , nice combo banana and chocolate ..!!!

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