August 15, 2015

Besan Cookies / Besan Nankhati

     I am very passionate about baking. But most of the baking recipes use maida. I started searching alternatives to maida. I came across nankhati recipe which used besan flour instead of maida. I tried this recipe and it has come out very well.

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Recipe Cuisine : North Indian | Recipe Category: Baking | Source: rasoikaswaad
                  Preparation Time: 5 mins  | Cooking Time: 20 mins | Yields: 20 cookies

Bengal Gram Flour / Besan / Kadalai Maavu
1 cup
Granulated Sugar
½ cup
Butter (at room temperature)
½ cup
Baking Powder
½  tesp
Pistachio nuts
A pinch
1. Powder the sugar with cardamom and keep it aside.
2. Chop the pistachio nuts into very fine pieces.
3. Sieve the besan flour with baking powder for 2-3 times.
4. Pre-heat the oven for 10 mins at 2000 C .
5. In a wide bowl, add butter and powdered sugar. Cream them with your palm or till it becomes soft and fluffy.
6. Then add the sieved flour mixture and salt.  Knead them into a soft and pliable dough. You should not add anything like milk. This quantity butter is enough to make smooth dough.
7. Divide the dough into gooseberry size balls. Press them between your palm. So they become slightly flatten. Arrange them on the ungreased baking tray.
8. Now place few pieces of pistachio nuts at the center of the cookies.
9. Bake them at 1800C for 15-18 mins or till they turns into brown.
10. Take it out from the oven and allow it to cool down.  Store it in a air tight container for later use.

   Tasty and aromatic cookies are ready to serve.


Kushigalu said...

Nankatai with besan looks so beautiful and tempting. Wish I could grab some :-)

Fullscoops said...

Delicious cookies!

Unknown said...

Do we need to roast besan

Kurinji said...

@ rashmi raman: no need to roast the flour.

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