July 21, 2015

Kodo Millet Kheer / Varagu Arisi Payasam

     Normally we have been making Payasams with Sago/Javvarisi. Nowadays, we are trying millet based payasams. Earlier I have been trying Foxtail Millet based payasam. In the same lines this is a varagu based payasam.
      The big advantage of this varagu based payasam is that it almost looks and taste likes sago payasam.

Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
Preparation Time: 5 mins  | Cooking Time: 20 mins | Serves: 3

Kodo Millet Rice
¼ cup (50 gm)
1 ½ cup
1 ½ cup
½ cup
½ tbsp
Cashew Nuts
Dry Grapes
Cardamom Pwder
¼ tesp
1. Heat the ghee in a heavy bottomed pan, roast the cashews and dry grapes until they turn into golden color. Take them out from the ghee and keep it aside.
2. Fry the kodo millet in the same ghee itself until nice aroma comes out.
3. Then add the water and mix them well. Now close the pan with lid and cook till it becomes soft. At this stage, water gets completely absorbed by the millets. [ aprox 7-10 mins]
 4. Now add the ¾ cup of the milk, sugar and cardamom powder. Mix it well and bring it to boil. Switch off the flame.
5. Now add the fried nuts and remaining milk. Mix it well and serve it hot or cold.
You can do this with other millets also, but adjust the water and milk proportion according to the millets.


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