July 28, 2015

Homemade Peanut Butter

      Peanut butter is a very useful add-on for chapathies, breads, dosas etc., It is also an ingredient for cookies.
     It is very costly if you buy off-the-shelf. But it is very easy to prepare within 5 mins. You can help you save ¾ of the cost of the off-the-shelf product.

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 Recipe Cuisine: India | Recipe Category: Homemade
Preparation Time: 2 mins | Processing Time: 3 mins | Yields: ½ cup
Roasted Peanuts
1 cup
Peanut Oil / Olive Oil / Cooking Oil
1 tbsp
Sugar or Honey
1 tesp
Salt (optional)
A pinch
1 cup = 200 ml
1. Powder the peanuts using the mixer. This takes few seconds only.
2. Then add the sugar or honey, and process them again till it becomes thick paste.
3. Now scrap the down the sides of the mixer and add oil.
4. Again process till you can get soft, smooth and paste like consistency.
   Now you can get yummy and tasty homemade peanut butter.
1. You should use well roasted and de-skinned peanuts.
2. Use this for 15 days even without keeping in  fridge. You can also store it in a fridge use for longer time.


Babitha said...

homemade are always best

Gauri said...

Wow, it's that easy!!? Always got it from the store... thanks for sharing this :)

Priya Anandakumar said...

beautifully made peanut butter, lovely...

priya said...

Homemade is always better....never seen homemade peanut butter recipe before...

Anonymous said...

Must we deskin peanuts

Kurinji said...

@Anonymous: must deskin the peanuts, its very very important.

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