January 13, 2011

My visit to 34th Chennai Book Fair - 2011

Book Fair has become almost a carnival for Chennaities. People from all walks visit
the book fair and buy all sorts of books.

The book fair was started to encourage the reading habit of Chennaities who are notorious for not reading enough. The book fair aims to elevate the taste of Chennaities from popular cinema which is their major cultural activity.

There are 463 stalls with 3 entrances. In addition there were several functions like meeting the authors and debates.

In addition there were several second hand book shops arranged on the pavements (footbaths) just opposite to the Book fair venue. These shops were giving good competition to the book fair guys..


Satya said...

awesome bookfair ... my hubby loves books ... must tell him


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Unknown said...

I remember the days ,during our school days.We used to prepare culturals on the last day.Thank u for sharing

Swathi said...

Nice event

Peggy said...

I love reading! The book fair sounds like a fun event!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

reading books are my fav hobby...wanna visit soon..
Tasty appetite

Red Nomad OZ said...

Anything with that many books has got to be good! So has it actually changed the reading habits of the people of Chennai?

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