September 12, 2015

Ragi / Finger Millet Sweet Kozhukattai

   Ragi Sweet Kozhukattai is a soft, healthy and tasty. You can definitely try this for variety. You can mix ragi sweet kozhukattai along with standard rice kozhukattai.

Recipe Cuisine : South Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
Preparation Time:  5 mins  | Cooking Time: 30 mins| Yields: 15 nos

Finger Millet Flour / Ragi Maavu
½ cup
Jaggery Syrup (click her for the recipe)
¼ cup
Split grren gram / moong dal/ paasiparuppu
2 tbsp
Grated Coconut
2 tbsp
Rice Flour
1 tbsp
Sesame Oil
1 tbsp

1. Wash and soak the moong dal for 1 hr or soak it warn water for ½ an hour.
2. Dry roast the ragi flour till nice aroma comes out from it. Allow it cool down.
3. Heat ½ cup of water in a heavy bottom pan or non stick pan. Add the soaked moong dal and cook till the dal becomes half cooked. At this time close the lid of the pan and keep the flame simmer.
4. Mix the roasted ragi flour and ½ cup of water in a bowl without lumps.
5. After the dal is cooked, add sesame oil and the ragi batter and stir continuously. After few mins, the batter becomes thick.
6. At this stage, add the jaggery syrup and mix them well. Stir occasionally. Add grated coconut and mix them well. 
7. Finally sprinkle the rice flour and mix them well. Cook till the mixture becomes thick and leaves the sides of the pan.
8. Switch off the flame and allow it to cool down completely.
9. Now make small lemon sized balls from the mixture and press gently with your fingers only. See the video. Wet your hand with water and make the kozhukattai, because the ragi kozhukattai batter is little bit sticky.
10. Steam cook the kozhukattai in a steamer for 10 mins.
11. Wet your hand and take the kozhukattai from the steamer. Allow it to cool down for few mins and then serve.
  Serve it hot or warm.


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