August 14, 2010

Sorughum/While Cholam / Jowar Dosa | Jowar Recipes

Jowar/ Sorshum/Cholam

Chola Dosai Maavu / Jowar Batter

Jowar / White Cholam/Sorghum
2 cup
Parboiled Rice / Idly Rice
1 cup
Black Gram Dal / Urad Dal
¾ cup
To taste
1. Wash the Jowar thoroughly and soak for 8 hrs.
2. Wash the rice and urad dal, soak them separately for 3 hrs.
3. Grind the dal to a fine thick paste.
4. Grind the rice to half ground level and then add Cholam.
5. Mix both pastes together with salt.
6. Add a little water if necessary.
7. Cover the batter and keep aside for 8 hrs for fermentation.
8. After fermentation, heat the tawa and pour one ladle full of batter to a thick circular shape.
9. Pour few drops of oil along the sides of the dosa. Turn over once it reaches golden colour.
10. Remove the dosa, when it is golden on both sides.

Serve hot with tomato kulambu or ginger chutney.


Archana said...

This is something I would like to try ,sounds interesting!

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