November 29, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

With great pleasure, I'm sharing one more blog award given to me by Shalini. Many thanks to Shalini for awarding "One Lovely Blog Award" award .

Fellow Bloggers, Shalini's has great recipes you would definitely enjoy.

I'm forwarding "One Lovely Blog" award to the following bloggers. Like Mahi, I am replacing the image with an image of my choice. Dear recipients do forward this award to 12 other bloggers of your choice.

1. Kavitha
2. Shobha
3. Sujasuganthan
4. AK
5. Vanishri Bhat
6. Deepti
7. Nithu Bala
8. Swathi Iyer
9. Kairali sisters
10. Coolblogger
11. Priya Sreeram


தெய்வசுகந்தி said...




Mrs K said...

I was here to ask you to visit my blog to collect your well deserved award :) I come here and find you already have an award for me before I could give you yours:) Thanks much and please do accept yours :)!!!

Sowmya said...

Congratulations, Kurinji!

Priya Sreeram said...

congrats dear and thanks for sharing ! keep rocking!!

Vanishri said...

Congrats, on our awards, and thank you very much for sharing it. Keep up the nice work.

Chitra said...


Gayathri Kumar said...

Congrats Kurinji!

Suji said...

Congrats and that is a lovely picture of lotus ..Thank you so very much for considering us ...We are honored...

Suja Manoj said...

Congrats on your well deserved award,Keep rocking!
Thanks so much for sharing this award with me...


Unknown said...

congrats! enjoy!

Nithu Bala said...

Congrats on your award Dear. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Mahi said...

I took just a week break..athukkulla niraiya post pannitteengka! kalakkal! padu speed-aa irukkeengka! :)

congrats on your award and thanks for mentioning my name dear!:) This idea gives some personal touch,isn't it?Glad that u liked it.

mamtc said...

Thanks for sharing the award with me.
Lovely dosai - looks and sounds delicious.Definitely a keeper

Tahemeem said...

Congratulations on ur award... Thanks for ur encouragement on my blog :)

Swathi said...

Congrats on your award, thanks for sharing with me.

Deepti said...

Congrats dear....n thanks for sharing....Will surely update my blog once I'm back ...

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