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August 20, 2010

Wheat / Godhumai Dosa


Wheat Flour

1 cup

Rice Flour (optional)

¼ cup


3 cup


1 tbs per dosa


To Taste


1. Take only half of the water in a bowl and add salt to it.

2. Stir well till salt dissolves.

3.Now just sprinkle the wheat flour and rice flour on the water surface.

4. Close and keep it away for 10 mins, so that the flour does not coagulate.

5. Then stir it with your hands and ensure that there is no flour coagulation.

6. Now the dosa batter is ready.

7. Heat the tawa and pour one ladle full of batter to a thick circular shape.

8. Pour few drops of oil along the sides of the dosa. Turn over once it reaches golden colour.

9. Remove the dosa, when it is golden on both sides.

Note: You can make dosa immediately, no need for fermenting.

Serve hot with ginger chutney or onion chutney.



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